Lyon Final

2023 national final

BOCUSE D'OR NATIONAL FINALS MAURITIUS: A Tribute to Culinary Excellence and Legends


in Honor of Serge Vieira

A Tribute to a Legend
On the 7th of September, the culinary world gathered at the École Hôtelière St Gaetan Duval in Mauritius to celebrate not only the art of cuisine but also to honor a legend, Serge Vieira. Before the rigor of competition began, a minute of silence enveloped the gathering, a moment to reflect and honor the cherished coach of the Bocuse d'Or France team who asked for donations to support the École Hôtelière St Gaetan Duval in lieu of funeral flowers.

The Journey of Bocuse d'Or
The seeds of the Bocuse d'Or were sown in 1987 by the legendary Chef Paul Bocuse, who envisioned a platform that would showcase the labor, dedication, and precision behind culinary arts. Since then, the competition has continued to promote an understanding of the expertise that goes into crafting exquisite dishes, becoming a crucible for culinary talents globally.

The Culinary Battle
Amid the ticking clock, with 5 hours and 30 minutes on the countdown, the air buzzed with tension as chefs exhibited their skills, crafting main courses and desserts with tomatoes, and platters spotlighting venison.

Emmanuel Fortuno emerged victorious, a triumph achieved through a collective endeavor alongside his commis, Aninia Fortuno, and under the watchful guidance of his coach, Florian Rocchietta. The winning menu was nothing short of a poetic journey through flavors and textures. The main course featured a delightful variation on tomatoes, paired with unique ingredients like black crime cherry and banana condiment. His dessert, an imaginative take on tomatoes, paired cherry tomato jam with timut pepper, leaving a lingering taste of sweet and spicy. The venison platter titled "The Venison Deer in the Wood, surrounded by the products of his island," was a testament to his connection with his land, presenting a dish that told a story of heritage and flavor.

A Journey to Victory
Emmanuel's victory was not just a win but a realization of a dream deferred. Having secured second place in the 2020 national finals, his return was a narrative of determination and pursuit of excellence, a sentiment echoed in his victorious speech as he claimed his well-deserved first place.

A Stage Set for Future Culinary Stars
But the journey doesn't end here. Emmanuel is now tasked with a grander mission, to represent Mauritius at the prestigious 2024 African finals in Morocco. A successful venture there would pave his path to the world stage, the Bocuse d'Or finals in Lyon, France in January 2025, a platform that promises glory and recognition in the global culinary landscape.

As we wrap up this homage to culinary artistry, we anticipate a future bright with potential, for Emmanuel and for the Bocuse d'Or competition, a beacon of excellence, nurturing talent and fostering dreams in the culinary world, one competition at a time.